3 Doors Manufacturing, LLC. is a custom casework manufacturer specializing in cabinets, restroom partitions, and lockers, in Chicago, IL.

3 Doors Manufacturing is a partnership between three industry professionals who saw the need for a cabinet manufacturer which has the versatility and inventive resources required to meet today’s casework needs. With a combined eighty years in the industry, as builders, designers, fabricators and distributors – we saw the void – and filled it.

3 Doors Manufacturing strives for quality, innovation and timely turn around to make your project stand out. Whether it’s a professional kitchen for your suburban dream house, or three hundred professional kitchens in that new downtown high-rise; whether it’s walnut lockers for the country club, or custom brass restroom partitions for Wrigley Field – 3 Doors Manufacturing will open the doors for all of your casework needs.

Our Skills

Advantages of using 3 Doors:

  • In-house designers
  • Complete drawings; floorplans, renderings, elevations, shop drawings
  • Custom built from scratch
  • We are industry professionals who ‘get it’
  • Made in the USA.

Our casework has been utilized by: Wrigley Field, Q101 Radio Station, Performance Racing Network, Optima Inc., and others.

Design 100%
Distribution 100%
Fabrication 100%